The WomentorSM Group is a women-owned small business specializing in educational consulting and training. Our home office is in Atlanta, Georgia, with our west coast branch in San Diego, California.

The overall goal of the company is to develop in women the skills needed to mentor others - and themselves. Our primary learning tool is The WomentorSM Guide: Leadership for the New Millennium, a step by step guide which unites leadership studies from Harvard University, Catalyst, and Emory Univerisity's Goizueta Business School with research as current as today's Fortune, Working Woman, and Success magazines.

Throughout the book, the reader is guided by exercises that reveal information about her own leadership attributes and about the organizational culture in which she hopes to lead. The reader's mentor on this journey to personal success is Athena, who keeps popping up, as goddesses will, to interpret and help apply what research has discovered about the two critical components to leadership:

  • the personal attributes of the leader
  • the characteristics of a particular culture

Our training and instructional materials, and now The WomentorSM Guide, promote the following truths about leadership and gender. To succeed, with or without a mentor, a woman must:

  • recognize her personal leadership attributes
  • identify the organizational culture she is in
  • learn how different cultures value different attributes
  • match her leadership attributes with the culture that will value them most

This final component - the differing values that organizational cultures ascribe to various leadership attributes - is one ignored in most discussions of leadership and gender. Matching your leadership strengths to the culture that most values them begins with identifying the culture you are working in or hope to work in. Please click on FAQs or Free Analysis for more information on the role culture plays in leadership.

The WomentorSM Group is able to customize training sessions for organizations interested in gender and leadership, and create mentoring programs for organizations and their members.

We also offer customized consulting services. One recent project, “Women with Disabilities Entrepreneur Project” with the Women's Bureau, U. S. Department of Labor, was part of the Initiatives for 21st Century Working Women. The Project was awarded the 2003-2004 Secretary of Labor's Exceptional Achievement Award, and completed a second year of services for 70 additional women, with a focus on women with severe disabilities.

We are currently offering consulting and training services to the Laney Graduate School and Emory Alumni Association's Pilot (2015) Alumni Mentor Program. The Program matches current Ph.D. students at Emory University with former alumni Ph.Ds to provide mentoring as a way of helping current Ph.D. candidates to achieve their individual goals as they move through the Ph.D. program.